Douglas!I am Judy from back in the day in the South Bay. Played at Beachbums in Punch and Judy . I now live in Fairfax in Marin County. If those Skywalker gigs are ever open to the public let me know. Or if you play in this area I would love to come see you and bring friends. Love to you and Patty Jo. Judy Lagomarsino

DOUG MACLEOD responded on 03/12/2014

Hi Judy! What a surprise! Good to hear from you. The Skywalker stuff is a recording session for the upcoming album so it wasn't open to the public. I'll be back up in the Bay Area this August in Martinez and a House Concert in Sebastopol. Here's the link: You'll be getting a Welcome Email soon with more info and stuff. Hope I can see you when I get up there. Thanks for getting in touch and all the best, Doug

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