We loved your show yesterday in Maastricht. I brought 2 friends of mine who never heard anything of you and they became a fan, they thanked me many times for bringing them to the show. We had a discussion why this kind of music gives you so so much more then most of today's bands. Even bands with the greatest technical musicians who play many notes they come not even close to how you can experience acoustic blues.
Is it about the live experiences people put in these songs or ? What's your view on it.

Cheers and hopefully next year you come and visit Maastricht again.

DOUG MACLEOD responded on 04/21/2014

Thanks Xavier! And I'm glad to hear your friends enjoyed themselves too. My view is a very simple one. ' never write or sing about what you don't know about and never play a note you don't believe' . That's it. I'll look forward to returning to Maastricht soon! All the best,

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