Doug,I was lucky again to catch your show in Va Beach on May 31. Its the 2nd time that I have seen you at that venue. Great acoustics as you mentioned! I truly enjoy your humor and blues/soul attitude when performing.I was watching some youtube vids and saw you playing a Gibson CF100E. I am a vintage Gibson gearhead fanatic and am lucky to own a 1957 of that model. Wonderfull guitar! I loved the tones that you coaxed out of yours on "My Brand New Eyes" a 2012 performance....a song that is stuck in my brain after Saturday.
Do you happen to know what year that your CF100 was built? What are your thoughts on that guitar?
I sing your praises to all who will listen....Ha!
Thanks for what you do, Rod

DOUG MACLEOD responded on 06/02/2014

Hi Rod,
No I don't know the year it was made. But I love it. It's a little too fragile now to take out on the road, but it is indeed a special guitar. Kinda' cool we share that common guitar ground. I'll answer your other question here. I gave up finger picks back in the mid 60's. I used a pick when I played electric. But went back to no picks in 1992. Even on the rare occasion I play electric.
All the best,

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