Doug... how do I get hold of you ....We are cousins ...My dad was Allister MacLeod and we haven`t seen each other in about 68 years .....YEKS!!!..Long time Uncle Ballie and .Aunt Dorthy visited us on Moxham Drive in Sydney N.S. Granny and .Grampa MacLeod were alive then but most of the MacLeod family are passed now.. My Mom Harriet passed last year at 94 years. Allister passed In 1995.. I thought it would be nice to get in touch since there`s only about 4 original cousins (Brenda Boutilier(Annie`s girl) AnnMarie (my sister) George Lohnes( Aunt Bo`s Son ) and ME WARNA JEAN) alive...(Wayne Lohnes just passed last friday.) Would love to hear from U ... Take care and just discovered your music...Pretty dam good cous!!!! Love Warna Jean

DOUG MACLEOD responded on 07/14/2014

Hi Warna Jean, My Goodness! I wasn't aware that any of my Canadian cousins were still around! I'm a little shocked over here to say the least. I get to Canada every once in a while. Mostly tho in Quebec. I'd love to come back to Nova Scotia one day. My wife ( of 35 years ) Patti Joy would love it too. Hopefully that will happen and soon! Thank you so much getting in touch!!!

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