Hi, Dubb. Photos of you and your guitars seem to suggest you prefer 12-fret National guitars over 14-fret models. I'm considering a new National and would love to know if you actually do prefer one over the other and why, please. I'm left-handed and play mostly in open G with a slide and bare fingers. I'm looking for the clangiest, brashest tone I can get from a single-cone guitar. What models would you recommend? Thanks so much--and I hope you'll make it back to Little Rock someday! -- Steve T.

DOUG MACLEOD responded on 07/31/2014

Hi Steve,
Yeah I do like the 12 fret ones. I don't know why tho. Maybe because the sound is a little richer. Plus you can say an awful lot in 12 frets! :-). The guitars you are looking for I believe would be the NRP's. They are built similar to the old Duolians and Triolians. There's a whole bunch to choose from on the National site. National does make left handed guitars too. I'm a dealer for them and if I can help you get the guitar you want - just let me know. Be glad to help. I'd love to get back to Little Rock. If you know of a good venue in the area let me know OK? Hope this all helps you Steve. My best, Doug

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