Doug....This is cousin Warna (MacLeod..Allister's daughter) Maxwell...Wonder if you'd drop me an email . Mom (Harriet) passed away last June @ 94. She had a great life but we miss her terribly. Doing some family history and would love to catch up..40 yrs or so ..LOL...All the MacLeod's have passed away now . Wondering if U knew Wayne Lohnes (Aunt Bo's son )....well he passed away just this summer....Now isn't this a cheery email....NOT!!....An way would love to hear from U and not just fan mail..Keep cool...Love
Warna Jean

DOUG MACLEOD responded on 09/17/2014

Hi Warna Jean,
I'm on the road right now touring and will be pretty busy till the end of October. Here's my personal email Would you send me an email after October 26 so we could catch up? I am sorry to hear of all the losses.
With my condolences to you, Doug

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