Thanks for allowing me the honor to connect. Been playing slide for awhile. Just purchased a Republic resonator and I really like your style. I would love to increase my skills by learning some of your tunes. I work with standard, open g, d, c along with one string or two variations. Could you explain your "G6" tuning and what tuning do you use for "i rolled a nickel"? Thank you so much. John

DOUG MACLEOD responded on 11/22/2014

Hi John, First of all you're very welcome and thanks for joining the list. My G6 or Bastard G Tuning is from bass strings to treble. D G D G B E the tuning on I Rolled A Nickel is what I call 'Too Many G's. Here's that one from bass to treble. D G D G G D. Hope this helps! Happy Holidays! Doug

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