I am a recent new comer to the blues, and I have just been smitten by them. The blues have latched on hard and I can't get enough. I had stumbled across your music and I just love it, absolutely amazing Sir. My Favorites are Some old Blues Song and The Entitled Few (what tuning are they in?). I am an acoustic player level 2. I just purchased a Gretsch Honey Dipper resonator to learn and play slide Blues, inspired by you. My question is: will there be any more of your instructional DVD's released, I have looked everywhere and can not find a copy.
I am hoping to make Furpeace Ranch but that is still up in the air.
Anyway keep doing what you are doing Sir, it is amazing and I will continue to hope to play like you some day.
Thank You much

DOUG MACLEOD responded on 11/28/2014

Hi Knoblock- Hope you a had good Thanksgiving! I'm glad to hear that you love my music. Thank you. Now for the tunings. Some Old Blues Song is in Open D and The Entitled Few is in 'Too Many G's. From bass strings to treble:
D G D G G D. I'm sorry to say that there are no plans for a new DVD just yet and it is hard to find a copy of the first one. Even I can't get them right now. But if you can make it to Fur Peace that would be great. We could get a lot done there for sure! With my best! Doug

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