Does Doug still do "house concerts" - I am in SW Ohio, longtime fan, and at the very least a good acquaintance. I know Doug has some shows coming up in Ohio and are, with some calendar around it, including Fur Peace Ranch. If so, Ol JB would love to host one if possible.

Thank you -

DOUG MACLEOD responded on 03/08/2015

Hey JB. Great to hear from you! I'd love to do a house concert with you, but that tour is booked up. Maybe down the line we could do it? Maybe I'll see you when I'm in Ohio next month? Hope so. Hope this finds you and Diana doing well and I sure hope I see you on this trip. All the best !! Doug Jeeezz just read this back and there sure is a lot of 'hope' goin on in it. Hope it don't bother ya.........

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