I have a friend with an old National and sent him a picture of yours (from The Bugle Boy show). We're just wondering which model yours is, since we couldn't find one like it, exactly. Some liner notes say you're using an M-1 (aka moon), but that didn't look like the National catalog, and the mini-humbucker was not listed as an option. (Just a couple old guitar players...)

Loved that show and been listening to the 2 CDs I got on my iPod. Thanks.

DOUG MACLEOD responded on 08/25/2015

Hey Keith, It is a National M-1 they made for me. I've named hera 'Moon'. The body has a black finish, there's 'mother of pearloid' on the headstock. The neck is from an El Trovador ( fighting some carpal tunnel) and the pickup is a Lollar mini-humbucker.Hope that explains it! ! All the best-Doug

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