Hi Doug I saw your show in Calgary on Friday Sept 18th and what a awesome show, you are a gifted guitar player and a warm soul, I was the one talking to you after in regards to your Blues instructional video and you thought they may be making a new updated version if they do can you pass on the info to me please,

you also mentioned about a blues school in Ohio in august I cant remember the place you said if you can send that info too that would be great also,

and I must say the one song about the train that was really powerful can you let me know where I can find that

Thanks Doug

John from Calgary

DOUG MACLEOD responded on 09/21/2015

Hey John. When we do the new instructional DVD we'll be announcing it in the emails. The school is Jorma Kaukonens's Fur Peace Ranch. I'll be there in late August 2016, but that's not for public knowledge just yet, so stay tuned The 'Train' Song is The New Panama Limited. It's on you tube and the album A Little Sin. I sure had a great time in Calgary and I'd love to come back. All the best, Doug

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