Hey Doug, Camie Hayes here. Hernando, Mississippi is 25 miles south of Memphis off I-55, in Desoto County. Great website. Might consider it for what we talked about when you were in Tulsa. Great show as always and how do I get an autographed poster from one of your many gigs? Until we see each other again my friend! Start filming your shows - you've got lots of oral history to pass on to all of us! Maybe I'll see you when I'm in So. Cal. next year late May or June!

DOUG MACLEOD responded on 11/20/2015

Hey There Camie. We're working on finding a venue to film the stories. When we get set, we'll send out a blast. Hopefully it will be soon. Posters? I don't have any. What happens is folks get a poster from the gig and I sign them. You know I'd be more than happy to do that for you! Hope to see you soon too! My best as always, Doug

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