Hey, Doug, Randy here. Big M and I are putting together a Blues festival again in Novi Sad. We and some friends of ours would like to know if you could be the headliner on one of the nights. Right now we're looking at mid-September. We'd love to have you! (And we could also talk about setting up a couple of other gigs while you're here.) Let me know at your convenience if this is at all possible!

DOUG MACLEOD responded on 01/19/2016

Hi Randy, Great to hear from you! I'm open right now in September, so it is sure possible. I'm going to copy your message here and send it on to my European agent -Karen Proeme and my manager Miki Mulvehill. The best way to keep in touch is thru email, so if you'll resend this on to my email at I can make sure we're all in the loop. Feel free to copy all of us on your communications. Be great to see you guys again! And give my best to The Big M!

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