Hey Doug, Don't know if this is a second time I'm doing this cus aint so good at his computer stuff. I'd love to get your 101 Blues Guitar Essentials DVD but I can't find it on -line any where. I'd love to get to learn and better understand that incredable style off yours. Can you help a fellow fiddle player out?
Reards: Jesse from Cali/LA

DOUG MACLEOD responded on 08/18/2016

Hi Jesse, I'd love to help you out but that is out of print and I'm afraid it's gonna stay out of print. I do workshops and I also do Jorma Kaukonen's Fur Peace Ranch - which I'll be doing next week. Maybe one day that could work for you. Again, I'm sorry that it's not available, but I'm afraid it's out of my hands. Thanks for asking. With my best, Doug

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