Hi Doug, it's Carrie again. We met at the KNKX studio in Seattle. My husband wasn't able to attend your Dusty Strings workshop, but after I told him about you, he suggested the next time you're in the area, we host you for a house concert. We've hosted several other musicians. We usually get about 50 people and request a $20 donation (we're flexible). 100% of proceeds goes to musician. We have 3 guest bedrooms & provide dinner the night before & breakfast the following morning. Let me know if you're interested the next time you pass through. 206-446-6522 (cell/text). In the group KNKX photo (if you received it), I'm the one on the far left. (Memory cue: husband dermatologist, discussed politics a bit, mentioned Puget Sound Guitar Workshop/camp, ...).

DOUG MACLEOD responded on 06/16/2017

Hey Carrie, Absolutely that sounds great. The next time I'm coming up I'll give you a holler for sure. I'll send you an email so you can have my info. Thanks for asking! - Doug

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