Hey Doug
I hope you are well, I know your going through a heavy test at the
moment in regards to your son Jesse, I hope and pray that he gets a recovery! How is Jesse doing if you don't mind me asking?
your music has always been the truth in human emotion thank you for sharing it , transcending Race and creed , myself I'm a Muslim but I know our faiths have much in common.
peace and the best of guidance my friend.

DOUG MACLEOD responded on 09/23/2019

Hi Taz,
Thank you very much for getting in touch. Jesse is doing OK considering the circumstances. The immunotherapy is working and so far all his tests are good. He goes back for the second infusion a week from today. The pain on his left side has lessened and he’s gaining weight and the spirits are good. So we are all encouraged and guardedly optimistic Again I appreciate you getting in touch and thank you for your prayers and concern and I hope this finds you doing well

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